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Dodge Fuel Injector

The Dodge fuel injector is the component that has replaced the carburetor on the new models. On the new model engines, the fuel and air are mixed in the combustion chamber instead of being delivered together like what the carburetors did in the past on Dodge vehicles. Because the fuel injectors spray very small amounts of fuel into the cylinders, the fuel being delivered has to be very clean of small particles. This requires not only that the fuel filter to be changed at regular intervals, but also an additive be periodically added to the fuel that cleans the fuel injectors. This is required since the end of the Dodge fuel injectors are in the combustion chamber and are exposed to not only particulates in the fuel but also several thousand explosions a minute when the engine is running. For the most part, the fuel injectors on your Dodge can not be physically cleaned to any significant degree. This is why the additive to clean them internally is so important to add when you fill up your car or truck. About every 3 months or every 10th fill up should include this additive. There is a separate fuel injector for each cylinder on your engine. When even one becomes clogged, the performance and mileage of your Dodge will be impaired. The engine will also run rough or uneven with excessive vibration coming from it. If this condition is allowed to go for an extended period of time, other components on your engine could fail costing the owner of the vehicle more in repairs. Replacement of this auto part is the only solution when they become clogged and can no longer deliver a steady spray of fuel as required by your engine.

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