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With a Nissan fuel injector operating properly for each cylinder, your engine will operate at its maximum potential. The keeping of these fuel system components clean is essential to their having the ability to perform properly. One of the procedures the Nissan owner can do to help keep their fuel injectors as clean as possible will include the replacing of the fuel filter at regular intervals. This interval is dependent on the quality of fuel you use in your vehicle, but annually is generally sufficient. The second procedure an owner can do to help keep their injectors clean is to add a fuel injector cleaner to their fuel tank. This should be done every 5 to 10 fill ups. It will help to keep the inside of the injectors clean. The reason the cleanliness of the Nissan fuel injectors is so critical involves their main and only function: to spray an atomized portion of fuel into the combustion chamber. If the injector is dirty or partially clogged this atomized spray can become a dribble and negatively affect the mixing of the fuel with the air and thus the performance of your engine. It is possible to pull the fuel injectors and clean the exterior portion of it, but the interior can only be cleaned by the injector additive added to the fuel tank. It is not possible to disassemble the fuel injector by the owner of the Nissan. This is why it is vital for each Nissan owner to keep their fuel system as clean as possible so dirty fuel will not clog the end of the injector. This way it will be able to perform its duties while the engine is operating.

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