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Pontiac Fuel Injector

The Pontiac fuel injector is a new type of component that is now on all recent models of this make of car. The fuel injector has eliminated the need for a carburetor on top of the engine. There is a separate Pontiac fuel injector for each cylinder on your engine. Its only task is to produce an atomized spray of gas into the combustion chamber at the appropriate time so it can be mixed with air and be the fuel source of the controlled explosion in each cylinder. For the fuel injector on your Pontiac engine to perform its duty, it has to remain as clean as possible. This is why it is now essential that the fuel filter be changed at regular intervals so the supply of fuel traveling through the fuel injector has as many of the minute particulates it once possessed removed before entering this fuel component. The owner of the vehicle should also use a fuel that is relatively clean and consistent. This is best accomplished by only a reliable source of fuel to run in their Pontiac. When filling up their tank, the use of an injector cleaner on every 5 to 10 fill-ups should also be included in their regular routine. This will help to keep the inside of the fuel injector as clean as possible and the only way it can be cleaned. The outside of the injector can be cleaned manually, but this would require it to be pulled from the engine then scrubbed. The reason for keeping the fuel as clean as possible is so the end of the injector on your Pontiac does not become clogged and only dribble the fuel out instead of producing an atomized spray of fuel as it was designed to do.

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