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Aftermarket & OEM Fuel Pre Pump

The fuel pre pump is typically found on import cars and trucks and works in conjunction with the regular fuel pump. Its job is to take fuel stored in the tank and move it to the engine so that the car can produce power. It moves the fuel through lines and hoses carefully measuring out the correct amount as needed for combustion to take place. As they age, they can become stuck or dirty from fuel. When this happens there will not be a way for gas to get to the engine and then obviously the car will not run. When it is wearing out it may make a lot of noise. Replacing this part with a new one is the surest way of getting your car running properly and back on the road. Changing the fuel pre pump will require disconnecting the lines and hoses from it as well as any electrical connectors attached to it. The pump itself is smaller than the regular or main pump and is usually made or metal or plastic. They come in many designs to fit in the tight places around the fuel system and other mechanical parts.

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