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Fuel Pump Driver Module

Aftermarket & OEM Fuel Pump Driver Module

With a broken fuel pump driver module in your vehicle, the correct amount of fuel being delivered to the intake system, if any, will not occur. It is the device that is at times referred to as the fuel solenoid. This device must be operating correctly or the engine will not idle or accelerate correctly and begin to stutter when the gas pedal is pushed down. The fuel pump driver module controls the flow of fuel to a precise amount. When it is malfunctioning but still operating, the driver can notice the engine to hesitate and possible the fuel mileage will not be at optimum level.

There are fuel pump driver modules on both gasoline and diesel powered engines. The exact location of this device is different on each make and model being produced. What is common is that there is a single fuel line running to it. In tracing out the fuel system, it can be easily located. The fuel pump driver module will be noticeably different from the fuel filter by its shape and that it will have wires running into it. These are the only two components in the fuel line before the intake of the vehicle. It is also generally located in the rear of the vehicle. The replacement of the fuel pump driver module does require the battery to be disconnected. This is more to prevent any possibility of a spark from occurring than an electrical shock.

With the old fuel pump driver module unplugged and the fuel line disconnected the mounting bolts can be removed. On some of the newer models, a sensor is in the fuel line and the module is now separated making the changing of this component safer because no fuel will be spilled.