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Dodge Electric Fuel Pump

It is the ability of the Dodge electric fuel pump to provide a constant level of pressure for the fuel delivery system on your vehicle to be able to be as efficient as it is. This is a vital component to the new style of fuel injection system that is used today by all Dodge vehicles. The electric fuel pumps used today are located in or near the fuel tank in the rear of the vehicle. As a matter of physics it is easier to maintain a precise level of pressure to a system by pushing the fuel in a system. This is opposite to the manner in which older mechanical fuel pumps operated; by sucking the fuel forward to the engine compartment and then pushing it up to the carburetor on your Dodge engine. Because the electric fuel pump runs off of electricity and has an electrical motor in it, in time it will malfunction and be in need of replacement. When this occurs a new Dodge electric fuel pump will have to be put into place before the vehicle can return to an operational status. If you are the owner of the vehicle you should be aware of the fact that the electric fuel pumps are activated each and every time the ignition key is turned on. This will pressurize the fuel in the system almost instantly because the electric fuel pump is connected directly to the ignition via a relay. This is valuable information when it comes time to any repairs on the fuel system like the replacement of the fuel filter. The ignition key in your Dodge must be off and the pressure allowed to diminish before the fuel line is opened or a spray of fuel will emanate from the opening.

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