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Ford Electric Fuel Pump

The Ford electric fuel pump has replaced the old style mechanical pumps used in the past. This was necessary because the fuel supply requirements of the fuel injection system on the new models being made. All Ford electric fuel pumps will fail over the course of operating your vehicle. This is just the nature of electrical components and not the design of it. Symptoms of a failing electric fuel pump include an increasing hesitation upon accelerating, sputtering at higher RPM levels and no fuel making it to the Ford engine. Before replacing the electric fuel pump, the fuel filter should be checked to see if it is clogged. If the fuel is delivered to the filter sufficiently then the electric fuel pump should be your next suspect on your Ford vehicle. The location of the electric fuel pump is in or near the fuel tank in the rear of your car or truck. If it is in the tank, the less fuel in the tank the easier it will be to remove and gain the necessary access you need to replace your pump. The reason for its location in the rear of the vehicle is because it is easier to supply a constant and steady flow of fuel when pushing the fuel instead of drawing the fuel forward as the older style mechanical fuel pumps did. When working on the fuel system on your Ford car or truck, please take the proper precautions. Gasoline is very explosive and can be easily ignited. The pressure in the fuel system should also be allowed to decrease before the line is opened. This will prevent the spaying of fuel all over the Ford owner or technician when the replacing this part.

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