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The newer Honda Fuel Pumps is electrical in their nature. This has now become the standard in the auto industry with the use of the fuel injection systems that sprays atomized fuel directly into each of the combustion chambers.

The electric fuel pumps are also no longer positioned in the Honda engine compartment like the older mechanical style pumps were. They are located in or near the fuel tank in the rear of the vehicle. This way the fuel pump can push the fuel forward in the system making it possible to more accurately control not only the flow of the fuel but the pressure at which it is delivered to the Honda engine.

The reason for the need in replacing the fuel pump is now different with the electrical version over the mechanical version. The older mechanical versions have a polymer diaphragm in them that creates the suction to draw the fuel forward. This polymer will crack in time causing the component to fail. The newer electrical pumps will fail to pressurize the fuel system when the electrical motor fails.

Another difference in how the two fuel pumps and the systems are is when the system is pressurized on your Honda. When the electrical version is in place, the fuel system is pressurized when the ignition key is turned on. With the older mechanical version, the fuel system is pressurized once the engine is running. This is important to know when the fuel system has to be broken into like when the fuel filter is to be changed. No one would want the Honda fuel pump running when they are attempting to change the filter. That would cause a spray of fuel to cover the technician.

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