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Mazda Fuel Pump

The Mazda Fuel Pump is what provides the ability of the fuel to be stored in one location on your vehicle and then to be properly transported to the engine compartment. The electric pump works in a very different manner than the older mechanical style. Those older pumps use to draw the fuel from the tank in a vacuum type action. The newer fuel pumps are in the fuel tank at the rear of the Mazda and push the fuel forward to be used by the fuel injection system.

The purpose of the fuel pump is to provide a consistent and reliable means of pressurizing the fuel system to meet the needs of the new style of fuel injection systems that are installed on all Mazda vehicles. For this reason only this new electric variety of fuel delivery systems are now in use by this car manufacturer. It has been proven that pushing the fuel instead of sucking the fuel is the best way for the pressure to be maintained in the system when it is being used.

Another major difference between the electric fuel pumps and the older mechanical ones used on Mazda cars is that once the ignition key is moved to the on position, the electric pump is initiated and the fuel system is pressurized. The engine has to be running on the older style for the fuel system to be pressurized.

The Mazda fuel pump is a reliable source of pressurized fuel that exceeds the needs of the new fuel injection systems being used today. The greatest danger to the longevity of the fuel pump is when the vent in the fuel tank is clogged. This allows for buildup of pressure in the tank that causes the seals in the pump to fail prematurely.

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