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The pressure delivered by the Oldsmobile Fuel Pump is at a constant and continuous pressure so your engine can run as efficiently as possible. This is a vast improvement on what the older style of mechanical fuel pump that was used in the past.

The need for a more precise delivery of the fuel is due to the way fuel is now being supplied to the combustion chambers. The fuel pump engages each time the ignition key is turned on in your Oldsmobile. This way the fuel system is pressurized before the engine is even started. This is a requirement of the fuel injection system now used on all Oldsmobile rolling off of the factory assembly line.

To help with the precision of the delivery of the fuel, the fuel pump is now located in the fuel tank of the vehicle. This makes it possible to push the fuel to where it is needed instead of the older version that pulled it with a vacuum. This is how the Oldsmobile fuel pump can deliver the same pressure of fuel for each fuel injector.

The replacement of a faulty fuel pump now requires the fuel tank to be lowered and removed from the vehicle. It is a more time consuming process that the older style, but with no diaphragm to wear out, it occurs less often.

Remember as the Oldsmobile owner that with the key on in the ignition, the fuel system is pressurized. For this reason if you are replacing the fuel pump or any other component in the fuel system like the fuel filter, the ignition key should not only be off but removed from the vehicle. This will prevent the accidental leaking of fuel out of its system.

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