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Pontiac Fuel Pump

The Pontiac Fuel Pump is the source of precise pressure for your fuel system. This is an elevated level of consistent pressure that the new fuel injections systems required on today's Pontiacs.

To help keep the pressure constant in the fuel system, the fuel pump is now located in the fuel tank at the rear of the vehicle. This utilizes the principal that pushing a fluid can be done at a more constant rate than attempting to pull it with a vacuum like the older mechanical fuel pumps did.

Another major difference between the older style and the new fuel pump is that it is active and building pressure in the fuel lines the second you turn the ignition key on. With the mechanical pumps, the Pontiac engine had to be running for there to be any pressure in the system. Because of this if any repairs are to be done to the fuel system, as a safety precaution, the ignition key should be removed from the car.

The replacement of the Pontiac fuel pump can only be accomplished by dropping the fuel tank. To accomplish this the easiest, it is best to have as little fuel in the tank as possible. If not a set of hydraulic jacks should be used to assist the technician in holding and lowering the tank down.

Once in the fuel tank, the fuel pump can be seen. At the end of its intake tube is a screen. This is not the fuel filter but just a screen and all debris should be removed if there is any.

The fuel pump delvers a consistent flow of fuel so the new style of fuel injection system can operate as efficiently as possible. It is one of the many improvements that have been made in the development of the Pontiac vehicles.

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