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Acura Fuel Sending Unit

Keeping your Acura running like new is your top priority.

Granted, you bought your Acura for its a reliable name and best-in-class service. But when something breaks you have to replace it by getting the best deal on Fuel Sending Unit parts as possible. If you're tired of the high prices from your mechanic, then and your Acura needs some parts replaced. When a Fuel Sending Unit fails it can make for a very annoying experience for almost anyone. A long history and reputation for sporty handling and Japanese engineering , which is probably the reason why you drive one.

Don't ignore problems with the Fuel Sending Unit in your car or truck.

If you've ever wondered how the fuel gauge in your Acura knows how much gas or diesel is left in the tank, then you're not alone. It isn't magic - your fuel sending unit is a simple, attenuating resistor that is actuated by a float that sits atop all the fuel in your tank. As the level goes up or down, the resistance decreases or increases (respectively); changing the position of the needle on your gas gauge. So when your Acura fuel sending unit isn't working properly, the needle could be bouncing all around or simply not moving at all; making it impossible to know exactly when you need to refuel.

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