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Suzuki Fuel Sending Unit

Exceptional Suzuki vehicles call for great parts... obviously.

Your vehicle is renowned for fuel efficiency and long-lasting quality, which is perhaps the reason why you drive one. Since you drive a Suzuki, you should recognize that maintaining it in good working order is crucial. Suzuki enthusiasts will figure out that the reason Fuel Sending Unit parts of OEM quality are the only ones that hardcore enthusiasts will put on their automobile. If a Fuel Sending Unit malfunctions it can make for a really unpleasant experience for almost anyone.

It's that time... you are changing your vehicle's Fuel Sending Unit.

You are one of the many if you've ever wondered how exactly your Suzuki fuel gauge measures the amount of gas in the tank. It isn't magic - the float attached to your fuel sending unit sits on top of the fuel in your tank, and it changes the amount of resistance in your fuel gauge circuit. When the level drops, the resistance increases; providing less current to the gauge which drops the needle. So when your Suzuki fuel sending unit isn't working properly, the needle could be bouncing all around or simply not moving at all; making it impossible to know exactly when you need to refuel.

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