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The Dodge gas cap is an important component on your vehicle. Not only is it the vent for the fuel system so excess pressure will not build up in the tank, but it will also keep out unwanted debris. If you have a locking gas cap then it will also keep fuel thieves out so the fuel you put in the tank will remain there until you use it in the operation of your Dodge. The vent characteristics of the gas cap are important and this must be maintained over its usage on your vehicle. If the Dodge gas cap becomes dirty or rusted from the moisture in the atmosphere or the fuel, it has to be cleaned off. For any reason if this vent is blocked, that blockage must be cleared away or the gas cap should be replaced. Another characteristic of the gas caps found on Dodge vehicles is that there is a polymer seal in it. This must also be in proper working condition so no fuel will spill out of it when the vehicle is in motion. The location of the gas cap is at the end of the spout that runs up from the fuel tank. It can be a simple twist on type of cap or one that has a locking mechanism on it. This is a personal choice the owner of the vehicle has to make. There are also many models of Dodge that have a cover for the gas inlet. Because of the clearance a locking cap might not be able to fit. Before the owner purchases an aftermarket cap, the clearance of the cover to the top of the cap must be known to ensure the new one will be of being used on their vehicle.