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Chevrolet Gas Tank Straps

The Chevrolet Gas Tank Straps became standard equipment on this maker of vehicle because of the incidences with the Pintos back in the 1970?s. The gas tank straps are one of the many safety devices in place to help reduce the chances of fire if your Chevrolet is involved in an accident. The Chevrolet gas tank straps are used to hold the fuel tank in place under the rear section of your vehicle. If your Chevrolet is involved in a rear end collision, the gas tank straps are designed to break off and allow for the fuel tank to become separated from the vehicle increasing the survival rate of the passengers in the vehicle.

The only other hold down point of the fuel tank other than the gas tank straps is at the neck of the tank where the fuel is added. Here there are only 3 little bolts that are small enough they will snap off if any force is exerted against them.

If the fuel tank has to be removed manually, the loosening and removal of the gas tank straps is required for it to be accomplished. The level of fuel in the tank should be low so it is easier to handle. Most technicians use the aid of a hydraulic jack to assist them in this procedure of lowering the tank safely.

Because the Chevrolet gas tank straps are on the lower side of the vehicle, they are exposed to the harsh environmental conditions that exist there, especially in inclement weather conditions. They are made out of metal and can rust over time. Because of this they are prone to rusting. A periodical inspection of your Chevrolet should include these safety devices to ensure they can firmly hold the fuel tank in place so the use of the vehicle is in a safe manner as possible.

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