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Select Your VehicleSince Geo was a badge-engineered brand, Geo parts are usually easy to find. Whether it's new shocks, a head gasket set, brakes, or fuel pump, new components are just one click away here at CPD. We offer new aftermarket and genuine equipment, as well as some refurbished items. So if the steering rack or tie rod ends need to be replaced, look no further for those Geo parts than CPD.

History of Geo

Geo LogoGeo brand vehicles were made by GM, and marketed as a division of Chevrolet. The intention was to offer an alternative to the small Japanese imports being produced and sold in the 80's and 90's. Ironically, all Geo cars were produced by GM in joint ventures with some of the same auto makers it was competing against (Toyota, Isuzu, and Suzuki). As a result, Geo parts are often the same as those used by those other car makers.

Geo Components

One popular model was the Geo Metro, based on the Suzuki Swift. This subcompact model boasted a whopping 50+ miles per gallon, however only 70+ horsepower. The Geo Prizm was a compact 4-door sedan based on the Toyota Corolla, but was always outsold by it. The Geo Storm was their sporty offering, and sold quite well. However, since it was married to the Isuzu Impulse, it suffered the same fate when Isuzu decided to discontinue production. The longest produced Geo was their Tracker. It was based on the Suzuki Sidekick, and later re-badged as a Chevrolet when Geo was discontinued. Its short wheelbase, durable 4-wheel-drive, and sturdy suspension made it an off-road favorite. is not associated with the General Motors Corporation in any manner. All images and references to the Geo name, vehicle model names, logo and shapes are for reference and identification only. All trademarks, trade names and/or service marks are the property of their respective holders.