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In the 1980's, the Big Three US automakers were under fire from the intense competition of small import cars from Japanese manufacturers. When GM looked to replace the ailing subcompact sedan Chevy Nova sedan in the late 1980's, they sought to collaborate with longtime partner Toyota in the making of the Geo Prizm. This was based almost entirely on the compact Toyota Corolla/Sprinter (JDM version), and fit nicely into Geo's line of small cars just above the new Metro. Most Geo Prizm parts are interchangeable with Corolla parts of the time, as it was built at the NUMMI plant in Fremont, California along with other Toyota and GM small cars. If it weren't for direct competition from the Chevrolet Cavalier, the Geo Prizm could have done better in the market since its price, size, and fuel economy were very appealing. But much like the Eagle experiment conducted by Chrysler, Geo faded away in the late 1990's and models were either discontinued or folded into the Chevrolet lineup. The Prizm took the Chevrolet badge in 1998. Fun fact: NUMMI stands for New United Motor Manufacturing, Inc.