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Grille Surround Shell

Aftermarket & OEM Grille Surround Shell

The image that your car, truck or SUV presents is greatly affected by the condition of the grille surround. When these components are worn or damaged a huge negative impact to the overall appearance of the automobile is developed. The rest of the car or truck exterior can be in excellent condition that can be overlooked due to this defect. If you are conducting a restoration project and the grille shell has been altered it is essential to bring back that original appearance. It is a common practice for these devices to be painted over in some situations requiring replacement to restore the original look. This is the first representation of the front of the vehicle as it approaches requiring it to be perfect.

Grill surrounds are designed to accent the car or truck in a positive manner and create a unique appearance. Depending on the year, make, and model they can be constructed of metal or plastic. These components will set the place for the impression that an automobile will present. They are also very functional in the process of protecting the radiator and other fragile components. In some applications they will also incorporate a mounting surface for various components. They facilitate accessory lighting, turn signals, and emblems on almost every car or truck on the road.