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The first impression your vehicle is made to all that view it is that of the Chevrolet Grille. The grille is in a prominent position on the front of your Chevrolet and for most is considered the mouth of the vehicle.

The grille is generally chrome plated so it shines and glistens when light hits it. Many think it is just an art decoration the engineers put into place so each vehicle looks different. They could not be more incorrect. The Chevrolet grille has a very important purpose. This is to protect the radiator from becoming punctured from debris that might attempt to enter this front section of your Chevrolet while still making it possible for the maximum amount of air to flow through it.

The replacement of the front grille by the owner is a personal decision. If the one that is presently on your vehicle his damaged by debris not only will it not look good, but large objects can then enter this opening that can damage the radiator. If you have air conditioning on your Chevrolet, then the condenser can also be damaged since it is just ahead of the radiator in this location of your vehicle.

Another reason for replacing the front grille on your vehicle is the same reason many owners replace the headlight bezels. This is due to contact with the bugs the vehicle encounters when it is traveling down the road. The bugs have an acid in them and will pit the exterior of this body component rendering its appearance to look a bit shabby. Since this is the portion of your vehicle most people will see first and judge your vehicle by, it is an undesirable situation for any owner to be in.

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