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A broken hatch lock will make it hard, if not impossible for a person to open a car hatch and access the interior of the vehicle. When this component is not working properly, the handle on the outside and the inside of the hatch will not be able to access it causing a person to only be capable of accessing the vehicle though the side doors. The cause of a malfunctioning hatch lock can be from corrosion or rusting of the component or the pin in the frame of the vehicle that it fits into is misaligned.

On older models the hatch lock is constructed of metal with many moving components in it. On newer models the metal casing has been replaced with a polymer one. When a hatch handle is moved, the levers connected to the handle and the hatch lock allow for the locking portion of this component to open which permits the hatch to open. When in the closed position the actuator is locked on a pin in the rear side of the hatch frame connected to the body of the vehicle.

To replace the hatch lock, a technician must first open the hatch and remove the inside hatch panel. This allows access to the back side of the locking mechanism. With the hatch open, the hold down bolts or screws can then be removed from the side of the hatch panel. With the area cleaned, the new hatch lock can be fitted into place with the levers reattached and tested. Make sure the pin on the hatch frame is adjusted to the correct position so the hatch can open and close to the correct tolerances.