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Headlight Adjusting Screw & Spring

Aftermarket & OEM Headlight Adjusting Screw & Spring

If you notice that your headlights appear to be changing position when you are driving your car or truck down the road you should inspect the condition of the headlight adjusting screws and springs. These devices are essential to facilitate the security and the adjustment process of the headlight housing. They must be positioned exactly correct to provide adequate illumination while driving during periods of darkness. Malfunctions of this nature will also negatively affect the vision capability of oncoming traffic as well. Over time these devices will develop corrosion issues and rust causing them to break. They should be replaced immediately to avoid unsafe driving conditions due to inappropriate lighting. Headlight adjusting screws and springs are essential to secure and obtain the appropriate position of the lights.

Headlight adjusting screws and springs work in conjunction to provide a secure and adjustable mounting point for headlight housing assemblies. In most situations there will be two of this devices incorporated on each assembly. This concept facilitates the ability for left to right and up to down adjustments to be accomplished as required. The springs are utilized to apply outward pressure to the housing assembly. This creates the ability to obtain and establish the appropriate angle of the light that is required for safe vehicle operation.

When replacing headlight adjusting screws and springs you can encounter several variables based on the configuration. In some situations you may be require to remove accent trim to accomplish this mission. If the automobile incorporates a sealed beam configuration then this device will require removal. The process for halogen lighting systems can normally be accomplished by accessing these components through the engine bay. You should evaluate the specific requirements for the car or truck that you are accomplishing the repair process on and determine the best methods to apply.

When purchasing your replacement headlight adjusting screws and springs they must be designed specifically for the required application. They are very important safety devices that must meet all of the OEM requirements to fit and function appropriately. Car Parts Discount should be your one stop shop for all of your automotive products that you can count on to accomplish quality repairs.