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You know your restoration is almost complete when it comes time to replace your old trim pieces like rusted rocker panel moldings, headlamp bezels, and other chrome parts with new ones. The car or truck you've been spending so much time on is just getting out of paint, and almost ready for the show room or car show. But you have to make sure that the front end is shiny and impressive, and that means making sure all the trim pieces are perfect. One of them that is crucial to completing your restoration is a good set of headlight bezels. Without them, your classic car or truck won't look quite right.

Since the early days of sealed beam headlamps, automakers were adding chrome, steel, and sometimes brass trim around the edges. Molding made the car look more luxurious, and also helped cover the edges of sheet metal body panels. Your headlight bezels do both of those things. They frame the headlight in an impressive chrome ring or trim panel, as well as cover the opening in the headlight bucket where the sealed beam goes. Headlight bezels simply screw into the body of the car or the headlamp bucket, making that point of attachment a prime location for moisture to collect and rust to form. Additionally, road debris will also make dents and scratches in their surface as well. This, unfortunately, means that over time it is inevitable that they will need to be replaced.

Installing your new headlight bezels is simple, and takes only minutes. They will simply screw into the body of the car or the grille, and the most difficult part will simply be lining them up with the moldings or grille that they are going to sit next to. Once that is done, you are home free.

Car Parts Discount recognizes the need for quality restoration parts that are both cosmetically correct and made from quality materials. Good headlight bezels make your classic car or truck look amazing, and bad ones will surely stand out like a sore thumb. Don't just buy any old set of headlight bezels you find online. Come to CPD and buy from us today.