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Properly working Chevrolet headlights and lenses not only help the driver see the road in the dark but are also required by law. If only one side is working, the driver can be pulled over and ticketed. For each model of Chevrolet there are specific headlights and lenses made to replace the original parts if they become broken. They are a very important part of the lighting system which is required by law to function at night, when it is raining, and when it is snowing. If a headlight goes out, it must immediately be replaced. The difference between headlights and lenses is simple. The headlights are an all-in-one unit with a light bulb inside of a sealed assembly. The lenses are just the clear portion in the front of the light bulb. A headlight and lenses assembly can contain one or more light sources. And since each is make for specific vehicles, your model Chevrolet will determine which light you will need if this item on your vehicle is cracked or broken. All replacement Chevrolet headlights and lenses are made to original specifications and look just like your original when installed. If a headlight housing becomes cracked and the vacuum seal is broken, the light will not work and the entire assembly will have to be replaced. With the lenses, you may be able to find a suitable replacement and reattach it to the existing housing. The headlight and lenses are an important part of your Chevrolet car or truck. While headlights are only in the front, lenses can be either in the front or rear. If a light is not working in a lens then check the bulbs to see if one is faulty before replacing the entire assembly. If water is present in the assembly replacement is them warranted.

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