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There are different Dodge Headlights for every model. This is one of the cosmetic parts the owner of the Dodge can replace themselves. Usually, the only time a headlight and lens will need to be replaced is if it was damaged in an accident or by vandalism. When ordering this type of auto part, you should first know just what you need. The difference between the headlight and lens is simple: the headlight is an assembly that contains a back housing, gasket, bulbs, and lens; while the lens is just the clear portion in the front that protects the bulbs. The only positive way to determine just what your car requires so it can look like new again is to remove this component from the vehicle. Once the old headlight is removed, a close inspection of this part has to be done. You are looking for small or large cracks, pieces or sections missing. This has to include where the screws are located. It does not make practical sense to just replace a lens if it cannot be properly mounted and secured into place on your Dodge car or truck. After this close inspection of your Dodge headlight assembly, you will know just what you need so the order can be correct when it is made. This can be at your local auto parts store or online. Once you receive your new headlight assembly or individual parts, it should be replaced in the reverse order you took them off of your Dodge in. This will make the appearance of your vehicle to look like new again allow for the lights to function as they were intended too. When assembling this component, make sure to check the light bulbs to ensure they are in proper working order before completing the installation.

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