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The Ford headlight is what shines the light on your path as you travel down the road. This safety device has been standard equipment on all vehicles offered from this automaker since the earliest models over 100 years ago. Not only do these help you see at night, there are laws in place that say you must have one on each side of your Ford to legally drive at night. Just like light bulbs in your home, the Ford headlights will burn out over time requiring them to be replaced. On older models, the headlight is a sealed beam unit which is what must be replaced in its entirety. On newer models, the bulbs and headlight assembly can be changed independently of one another. Either way, this can be accomplished by the owner of the car or truck. When removing the old headlight attempt not to disrupt the aligning screws. There is one for the vertical and another for the horizontal alignment of the beam. Once the old one is removed the new headlight on your Ford can be put into place and hooked up. The next step is critical, the checking of the alignment of the beam. To do this both headlights should be on and a barrier of some kind should be in the place they are lighting up. The back of a garage or a garage door will work just as long as there is at least 20 to 30 feet between the wall and your Ford vehicle. With the lights on check to see that both headlight beams are like mirror images of each other. This can be done by screwing in or out the adjustment screws. You should also check the beams projection at night to make sure they are shining down on the road and not into the driver of incoming traffic.

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