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The pair of Honda headlights on the front of your vehicle makes it possible for you to see the road in front of you at night. They are also there to help others on or near the road to see you. From a legal point of view, both of them must be in working condition at all times in order to legally operate your vehicle. The Honda headlights are sealed electrical units that provide a beam of light up to several hundred feet in the direction they are focused on. This sealed unit has to remain free of cracks or breaks for the bulb to last. Cracks in the headlights can be caused by contact with objects on the road that bounce up and hit them on your Honda or another vehicle. If you notice a headlight just going out while driving at night, this is generally the reason. When replacing a single headlight on your Honda, you should think about the age and the manufacturer of the other side. If you have two that are from difference manufacturers or different ages, it will be noticeable because the shade of the beams will be slightly different and the condition of the lens won't be the same if they come from different factories or if one is older than the other. When replacing a headlight on the front of your Honda, it will also have to be properly aligned. This is done for two reasons. The first is to help illuminate the path in front of your vehicle in the most effective manner. By doing this you will ensure the beam will not be directed at the driver of an oncoming vehicle which could impair their vision.

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