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There are either two or four Mercedes-Benz headlights on the front of your vehicle. The exact number depends on the model and year of your Mercedes-Benz. If you have 4 headlights, then the outer two are low beams and the inner two are high beams. If you only have two headlights on your Mercedes-Benz, then they are multifunctional and both low and high beams are in one assembly. By law, each vehicle that is being operated on the roads and highways must have two functioning low beam headlights. With them functioning the driver will be able to see down the road in the dark or in low light conditions. With both of the Mercedes-Benz lights working on the front of your vehicle, others will also be aware that you are in a car and not a motorcycle riding near the center line of the road. The replacing of a Mercedes-Benz headlight is not a complicated procedure for most owners to do as long as you don't have to remove your entire front bumper cover. A multiple attachment screwdriver and a ratchet set are the only tools that will be required. Once the old light has been removed and the new one put into its place, the new headlight will need to have its beam adjusted to the correct position. There is a special tool that is used by many repair shops to perform this task. It can also be done at home by projecting the beams onto a flat surface like the back wall of a garage. The important fact in this operation is to have the beams directed at the surface of the road in front of the vehicle about 30 to 50 feet ahead of it. What should be avoided is to have the beams being directed into the eyes of a driver who is approaching your vehicle on the opposite side of the road.

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