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In dark or low light situations, the beams from the Nissan headlights will ensure that the driver can see the road in front of them and other drivers will be able to see them as well. It is also required by law that every 4-wheel vehicle has two functioning headlights when it is operated on any public road after the sun goes down. The headlights on your Nissan are electrical component which in time will no longer function and be in need of replacement. The replacement of the Nissan headlights is one of the easiest and simplest procedures that are preformed on your vehicle. If the owner has a screw driver, they can do this repair job themselves. There are two types of headlights used by Nissan. There are sealed beam units on older vehicles, and those that utilize a lens and housing assembly with a separate bulb. If you have separate halogen or xenon bulbs, then replacing them when they go out is usually a simple task. If your Nissan requires a replacement of the entire headlight assembly, then you will have to adjust the beam after it is installed. On most modern vehicles, this can be accomplished using a simple ratchet and socket. You will first have to turn on the lights and shine them on a flat surface some distance from the car. This surface is generally the back of a garage or the garage door itself. The light that was replaced should be at the same level as the one that was not replaced, so find the adjusting bolt and turn it a couple of times until it is even with the other side. This will direct the beam of the light on the road and remove the possibility of it shining in the eyes of oncoming traffic while driving.

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