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Just like a pair of eyes, the Toyota headlights make it possible to see your path in darkness and in low light conditions. With one headlight mounted on each of the front fenders on your Toyota, not only will they project a light beam forward for the driver to follow, but both must be functioning for the vehicle to be legally driven on the road at night. Each of the Toyota headlights that are used by all owners has a filament that creates the light for them to see at night. It is this filament that will burn out in time requiring the lighting component to be in need of replacement. This replacement procedure only requires a screwdriver to complete. Any Toyota driver should know the manufacturer of their existing headlights before they decide to replace one on their car. Each manufacturer sells a headlight with a beam that is unique to the components they utilize. This is why some appear to have a white or no tint to them while others have a yellow or blue tint to them. So keep in mind that your new replacement headlight may be clearer or brighter than your old one. This is why most people change them in pairs. By matching up the new headlight with the old one the beams will match when they are in use at night when the owner of the vehicle is on the road. This is a cosmetic attention to detail that most will desire so their vehicle will be aesthetically appealing at night as it is during the daylight hours. If the same manufacturer is not available, many Toyota owners will replace both lights so a matching set of beams will be illuminating their path which should then last for many years into the future.

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