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Ford Heater Core

The Ford Heater Core provides a way for the temperature to be increased in the passenger compartment on those long cold winter trips. The heater core is actually part of the cooling system on your Ford vehicle that takes the heat the engine produces and utilizes it in a constructive manner.

The heater core is part of the passenger temperature control device that is regulated by the driver of the vehicle. Not only can this device heat up the passenger compartment in your Ford, but it can also have the heat channeled to the windshield so the frost on it can be dissipated.

The Ford heater core has two heater hoses attached to it. One is connected to the engine so a fresh and hot supply of coolant can reach it in the passenger compartment. The other is the return hose that is connected to the radiator. If by some chance the heater core has a problem and is leaking, coolant will be found on the floor boards in the front of the passenger compartment.

There are also two not very well known facts about this heating device. The first one is that if your vehicle has a problem with its cooling system and an aftermarket stop leak is added to it, the hoses to the heater core should be turned off. If this is not done then the very small channels in the heater core will become clogged up and it will no longer permit coolant to flow through it. The last thing about this Ford heating device is that it can be turned on, even in the summer to slightly assist in cooling off of the engine coolant if you are beginning to overheat and need to make it to the next service station.

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