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Acura Heater Hose

The properties of the Acura Heater Hoses are what help to contain the coolant as it flows through these conduits to and from your passenger compartment. There are a total of two Acura heater hoses on your vehicle. One is the supply hose that is connected to the engine block and the heater core. The other is the return line that completes the circle of flow from the heater core to the radiator.

The heater hoses on your Acura engine can be identified by looking for a hose that is similar in size to a common garden hose, but that is where the similarity ends. The construction of the heater hoses has thicker walls than a garden hose. They also have fibers that are the reinforcing in the walls of the hoses so a breach involving coolant is resistant from forming for an extended period of time.

An inspection of the heater hoses along with the radiator and coolant hoses should be done during the weekly periodic inspection of the engine compartment on your Acura. This is the same time the belts are inspected. The reason for this inspection is to identify any of these engine components that might begin to fail before there is a total failure. This will help to prevent the vehicle from become stranded on the road with failing engine components.

What an Acura owner should be looking for as it pertains to the heater hoses and the other coolant hoses is the ballooning of the hoses. This is where the circumference of the hose increases which is the thinning of the walls. The most common location for this to occur is at a place where the hose is connected to a metal component like the engine block or heater core.

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