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There is a pair of Chrysler Heater Hoses that are used as the conduits to transfer the hot coolant from the engine to the heater core in the passenger compartment and back out again. The pair of heater hoses is constructed of the same material on your Chrysler as the radiator hoses are. This is a reinforced polymer that has fibers woven into the walls to help provide a stiff structural support against the stresses that will be imposed upon them from the heated coolant traveling through them.

The polymer component of the heater hoses is what makes this coolant system component flexible, but is also its weak point. In time from the heat of the coolant traveling through it and the exposure to the elements and heat in the engine compartment the Chrysler heater hoses will develop a leak. The most common place for a leak in them is where the ends of the heater hoses are connected to a metal portal. This includes the engine block, the heater core and the radiator.

The leak in the hoses will be from what appears to be a ballooning of the hoses. This effect is when the walls of the hoses begin to break down and the fibers in the construction of them break on your Chrysler passenger compartment heating system. The circumference of the walls then begins to expand and why it is called a ballooning effect.

If a leak in one of the heater hoses on your Chrysler is suspected, then a visual inspection of the system should commence just after the engine is turned off and the heating system is on for the passenger compartment. This leak will appear as a fountain of coolant emanating from the hole until the pressure in the system subsides.

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