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Sometimes you hear people complain that cars all look alike. Well one way to tell them apart is with different hood emblems. Car makers invest millions picking the right design or logo to show off their car and keep customers coming back to the same brands. Emblems are usually made out of chrome covered plastic or metal. They may be any shape or color and usually feature the brand name or mark of the car. They may be used in conjunction with a hood ornament. They are often less than two inches in diameter. They generally last a long time but they may pop off or become damaged by sun and debris. Unfortunately, their nice designs can also make them a target for thieves. A car with missing badges will drive fine but it looks bad and can often expose an unpainted or rusty underside. Ensuring that your car has all its emblems will greatly enhance its value and curb appeal.

After the invention of the car, the first priority was reliability so engineering became the most important part of building a car. Looking at many cars from the 1800s to the 1920s it is very hard to tell a difference in them. One of the few ways that they were distinguished was with the grille design and the hood emblem. The hood emblem was often a colorful, geometric shape that may have had a family coat of arms, a mascot, or simply the name brand written in a stylized script. Today, cars are much easier to differentiate by styling but the emblem or hood badge remains an important part of a car's identity.

Installing the hood emblem is generally easy. Make sure to have the right supplies and parts. Make sure that the car is clean and dry while installing it.

  • Use masking tape and markers to mark off the correct location of the part.
  • Some cars may already have a bezel or indentation for them to fit into.
  • There are some types that may stick on with adhesive.
  • If you have that type, simply make sure that it is lined up properly and stick it on.
  • Other styles have pins or tabs that must go through the body.
  • The holes should already be there but may have to be drilled. Place the pins through and ratchet them down.
Looking for a hood emblem? Stop your search with the great selection combined with the stellar customer service and low prices at Car Parts Discount. We may carry a variety of other badges and emblems for your vehicle including that for the fenders and the trunk. In addition to aftermarket brands, we also carry a selection of original equipment manufacturer parts for some brands. Get your car looking new again and show off that name brand with a replacement hood emblem.

Sometimes, the last step in many restorations is the addition of a replacement hood emblem. It is not quite an obvious part when it's missing, but you can really tell how much better your car or truck looks with it than without it. Sure, if your hood emblem is broken or missing you aren't posing any risks to the safety of yourself, your passengers, or other motorists. There is no real danger if you don't install it, and your performance will not improve when you do. Still, there's no reason to drive around without a hood emblem on the front of your vehicle.

In the early days of automobiles, a car or truck's hood opened up on the sides like gull wing doors. There was also a heat exchanger (an early form of radiator) on the front of the car much like they are today. However, the cap on a pre-WWII car's radiator was ornately constructed. They were cast in the shape of noble creatures, other machines, or even celestial beings. These ornaments were the predecessors of hood emblems. Once the radiator moved under the hood in the late 1940s, car makers still needed to make a bold statement by branding the front end with an ornament that everyone would remember. This would be mounted at the front center of the hood, and would be the hood emblem. Over the years, cars would include these along with, or instead of, grille emblems to make their mark on the automotive landscape.

Installing a hood emblem depends entirely on the vehicle. Most of them simply press into a hole at the top of the hood, and are retained by a fastener or hardware of some sort underneath. But when it comes to buying a quality hood emblem, no matter how its installed, look no further than Car Parts Discount. We carry cosmetically correct reproduction hood emblems from licensed manufacturers as well as genuine original equipment. So if you trust your restoration to nothing but the best parts, you've come to the right place. Don't delay; buy today.