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The most common cause of failure for hood hinges is either age or wear. Even though they reside under the hood, they aren't sealed, so they're exposed to the elements and are subject to rust and corrosion. If you live closer to an ocean, rust can happen prematurely as well because of the moist, salty air. In addition to rust, over time they can wear out. Constant opening a closing of the hood can wear through the joints causing then to break and the springs, if your vehicle has them, can lose their tension and no longer hold the hood open. If your vehicle is in a collision, or if something falls on the hood, they may need to be replaced along with the hood, but this is less common. The hood hinges aren't parts that wears out quickly, and they don't normally need to be changed at any interval. If you own a classic vehicle and you're performing a restoration, then replacing these parts is recommended since they are visible with the hood open. If you're going to be showing off all your shiny new engine parts, you should probably be sure the other body-related components look just as sharp.

The hood hinges allow for the pivoting motion when opening the hood. They guide the hood up and down so it's aligned with the fenders and the rest of the body. They also make sure the catch for the latch comes down in the correct spot every time. Most vehicles have ones that are just articulating arms guiding the motion, but some vehicles also have springs as part of their assembly. There are two types that contain springs. The first type is springs that simply provide lifting assistance when the hood is especially heavy. The second type is springs that provide assistance as well as hold the hood up at its most open position.

Having properly functioning hood hinges is important not only so you can view and repair components in the engine bay easily, but also so you can be proud that you replaced a small detail that is overlooked by many restorations and will add value to the overall appearance of your classic. Since a hood hinge isn't a part that normally needs to be replaced, we carry them for a variety of classic cars and vehicles that are commonly restored. To see if we carry them for your vehicle, enter it above and look under the Body and Hood categories.