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Having access to the engine compartment on your car, truck, or SUV is very important and this requires a properly operating hood latch to accomplish this. A defective latch has a lot of different symptoms depending on the design, function, and malfunction. If you pull the hood release and the hood doesn't move or if you need to apply downward pressure to the hood for it to release then the latch is malfunctioning. When you notice hood movement during vehicle operation due to wind pressure this is another indicator. A defective hood latch can develop into several more severe issues and extensive vehicle damage. The worst case scenario is an unsecure hood flying open while you're driving down the road. You lose all forward visibility creating a very bad situation opening the door for a potential accident. This can also possibly cause extreme vehicle damage to the hood and windshield. You don't want to have this experience and that's why replacing detective latches at the first sign of a malfunction is very important. You need to have access to the engine compartment to perform preventive maintenance and repairs and to accomplish this the latch must be serviceable.

Hood latches are designed specifically for the application required depending on the manufactures' preferences. Some have release handles inside the vehicle which increases the security of the engine compartment because you require access to the vehicle to open the hood. Others have a handle that you access through the grill of the truck, car, or SUV. Most newer automobiles incorporate a secondary safety latch that must be released manually to open the hood and this holds the hood if the primary latch fails to prevent it from flying open.

The process of replacing a hood latch varies depending on the car, truck, or SUV you are working on. If the latch being replaced is not releasing you will have to manually release it and open the hood before beginning this procedure. Once the hood is open you need to analyse the situation and determine the correct methods to utilize to remove it. If there is a release cable involved then that's normally a good starting point to disconnect it. Some mounting bolts may require special torx bits to remove them and others are just regular bolts. After the old latch is removed you should clean off any residue on the mounting surface prior to installing the new one. When installing the new hood latch it must be lined up correctly to function properly and may require adjustments to accomplish this. Check the operation of the latch making sure it functions smoothly.

Replacement hood latches must be for the exact vehicle make and model you're working on to operate correctly and they can't be substituted. OEM parts are essential for this application and are no exceptions in this case. The safety of your automobile relies on quality repairs and that requires quality replacement parts. Car Parts Discount allows you to shop online and select quality parts that meet OEM requirements and are affordable. CPD has hood latches and all the other parts you may require to complete preventive maintenance and repairs on your car, truck or SUV.