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Chevrolet Idler Arm

The Chevrolet idler arm is the pivot point for your steering system on the front of your vehicle. Just like any worn out steering component, a worn out idler arm will be felt in the steering wheel by the driver with loose or sluggish response to their input. To properly identify a failure in the idler arm of your Chevrolet, a person would have to view the steering components. This can be done with the car on the payment but is easier if it is up on a lift. Another person has to be turning the wheel so the different components of the steering mechanism are in motion. The idler arm is the part connected to the center link and the frame of the vehicle on the passenger side of the car. When the wheel is turned and this part is not moving smoothly and evenly, then it is an indication of it being worn. Replacement is the only option, it cannot be repaired. There is a Chevrolet idler arm on all models that this automaker manufactures with traditional steering linkage. This part is like most on the steering system that should have a zerk where grease is injected into it. Failure of that being done during a routine oil change is one of the reasons for this part to fail due to excessive wear on your Chevrolet. The replacement of the idler arm is a simple task anyone can do. While each model is set up differently, only 2 to 4 bolts or nuts have to be removed for the part to be switched out. There is no alignment necessary like when tie rods are changed. Once completed your Chevrolet will be more responsive to steering input and be a safer car on the road.

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