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Dodge Idler Arm

Great Dodge vehicles need great parts... obviously.

Obviously, aggressive styling and great performance are reasons why you bought your Dodge. But when something breaks you have to replace it by using the best replacement Idler Arm parts possible. When you have passion for a Dodge, you should know that maintaining it in good working order is important. People who care about their Dodge will figure out that nothing but top quality replacement Idler Arm parts are the only ones that hardcore enthusiasts will put on their automobile. Idler Arm failure Idler Arm fails it can result in a really dangerous experience for even the most seasoned drivers.

Idler Arm performance is crucial for your vehicle.

If your Dodge has parallelogram steering, then we've got you covered. The feeling of loose steering might be the result of a failing idler arm. It is bolted to your frame rail to provide the center or drag link with a pivot point, so when it fails you will hear some strange clunking sounds as well as a slight lack of response when you turn your steering wheel slightly. Improve your steering with a new Dodge idler arm.

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