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Chevrolet Ignition Coil

The Chevrolet ignition coil is part of the older style of ignition system that provides the necessary electrical impulse for the engine to run. If your Chevrolet has a single ignition coil, it will also have a distributor with points and condensers. Locating the ignition coil is simple on your Chevrolet if you can find the distributor on the front top part of the engine. The wires on the outside of the distributor cap are for the spark plugs while the center one can be followed to the coil. On engines with electronic ignition, there is usually a coil for each cylinder and it will be located just above the spark plug. The testing of the Chevrolet ignition coil can be accomplished by the car owner. With the ignition key on, power should be provided to the coil by one of the wires connected to it near the end where the wire from the distributor is located. If you have power to the ignition coil of at least 12 volts then the end of the coil wire on the distributor cap should be removed and allowed to touch a grounded surface. With the engine turning over a current should be seen. A voltage meter can also be used to register the level of current being generated. This is a 12 volt system and a minimum of 12 volts should be the reading. If no voltage is registered or less than 12 volts, the coil is suspected of failing and only replacement of this part will fix the problem of your engine not running. The use of ignition coils on Chevrolet models existed from the very first one. And while the construction, shape, and location have changed over the years, the function has remained relatively the same.

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