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Dodge Ignition Coil

The Dodge ignition coil has changed its appearance over the years but not its function. This is the component on your engine where the spark for igniting the fuel is generated. On the older style ignition systems, the ignition coil used by Dodge was a cylinder that had one wire attached to it and the other end to the distributor cap in the middle. Today the spark plug wires are directly connected to it. Because of this, the newer style of ignition system no longer has the distinctive distributor in its makeup. Locating the Dodge ignition coil is a simple task. The new models you just follow the spark plug wires to where they are located on the engine at the opposite end of the spark plug connection. On an older model Dodge, follow the center wire in the distributor back to the ignition coil. The symptoms of having a faulty ignition coil are similar to a failing spark plug or spark plug wire. The best was to diagnosis this problem of feeling like you lost a cylinder is to start with the plug then the wire testing them working your way to the coil. Each of those components does fail in time because of wear and the reason to test each one before assuming the problem is your coil. If the problem appears to be from the ignition coil, test the power supply to this electrical component before replacing it. If there is no power the coil is not the faulty part. On a Dodge just like any other car or truck, an electrical problem must be fully diagnosed before the replacing of parts should commence. This is why a small but reliable voltage and ohm meter should be in the arsenal of tools every owner should possess.

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