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Ford Ignition Coil

The purpose and use of the Ford ignition coil has changed over the years. On older models, this ignition component was used to supply the distributor with the electrical impulse that was then discharged to the spark plugs. Locating the ignition coil under the hood on older Ford vehicles is done by looking for the distributor. The center wire from that ignition component is directly connected to the coil. By following this wire you will be able to locate it. On new model Ford's, the ignition coil has the spark plug wires directly connected to it. The distributor has been eliminated and the spark is now regulated by the onboard computer. By following any of the spark plug wires you can easily locate each individual coil. The Ford ignition coil will become faulty in time like all other electrical parts on your vehicle. If you notice you do not have any spark at the plug, the tracing backwards through the wires and you end up at the ignition coil and there is still no spark, then the coil itself is suspect. This component has an electrical supply wire feeding it with the juice necessary for the generation of the electrical impulse it sends to the spark plugs. This wire has to be tested with a volt meter. If you have voltage, then the ignition coil is faulty and requires replacement for your engine to run properly. If there is no voltage, then the coil is not the problem and you have to look elsewhere to solve your ignition problem. If the lack of electrical voltage to the coil is the problem on your Ford, then a repair shop should be consulted. This way they can properly diagnosis the problem even if it is the onboard computer.

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