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Hyundai Ignition Coil

The Hyundai ignition coil is the component where the spark is originated from to drive your internal combustion engine forward. On older models this electronic device has a wire leading to the distributor. On newer model Hyundai vehicles, the ignition coil has the spark plug wires directly connected to it. Locating the Hyundai ignition coil is accomplished by tracing the wires back to their source. If your engine has a weak or no spark but the plugs and wires check out to be ok, then the ignition coil should be suspected. To test this electronic component, a voltage meter is necessary. With the key in the on position, there should be voltage to the ignition coil on your Hyundai vehicle from the onboard computer. If you have this voltage going in but not going out, then the coil is bad. The power going out should be in either the distributor wire or the spark plug wires. If you do not have power going into the coil, then the onboard computer should be suspected as failing and a qualified technician should be consulted. The replacement of the ignition coil can be easily accomplished by the Hyundai owner. The most difficult part of this process will be locating it among all of the other wires and components on the top of the engine. Before it is replaced, remember this is an electrical device and the power to it should be removed. This should include the disconnection of the battery so accidental shocking of the technician does not occur. Once the coil is replaced, it should be tested to ensure it was the source of your problem. This can be done at the spark plugs or the coil itself.

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