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Infiniti Ignition Coil

The power of the Infiniti Ignition Coil is what drives the power plant under the hood of your vehicle. On the modern Infiniti engines the ignition coil is directly connected to the spark plugs through the spark plug wires. On the older models equipped with a distributor, the coil is connected to it with a single wire.

The Infiniti ignition coil has taken on a new roll in supplying your vehicle with the electrical power for the igniting of the air and fuel mixture. On the latest Infiniti models, the ignition coil sends out the signal to each of the spark plugs at the correct time so they will be able to create the necessary explosion in the combustion chambers. In the past the timing of sending the electrical impulse was the responsibility of the distributor. Because of this the newer ones have multiple wires leading from it where the older style only had one.

Both types of ignition coils will fail in the same manner. Because they are an electrical component, they will short out or just wear out in time. In most instances this is after years of service on your vehicle. When this does occur, the engine will not start up or run at all. If there is no spark at the spark plug and the wires are good, then the ignition coil should be checked to see if an electrical impulse is leaving it. If no signal is detected and it has a signal from the onboard computer coming into it, then it is faulty and should be replaced on your Infiniti engine so it can operate once again. This electrical signal can be tested with the aid of a volt meter.

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