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Mazda Ignition Coil

The spark generated from the Mazda ignition coil is one of many necessary reactions occurring in your engine that helps propel your vehicle in the direction you desire. The appearance of the ignition coil has changed over the years on the Mazda engines. Before electronic ignition was used, when the onboard computer controls the timing of the spark, the Mazda ignition coil was connected to the distributor. This connection was with a single wire that is in the center of the distributor cap. The newer ignition coils are now directly connected to the spark plugs via multiple wires. The distributor is no longer a required component, and has been eliminated from the ignition system. This is made possible by the timing for the spark being initiated by the onboard computer instead of the rotation of the rotor inside of the distributor cap on the Mazda engine. Because the spark is now being generated in the coil and delivered directly to the spark plugs, if there is no spark then this part is next in line to be tested after the plug and wire are tested. This is accomplished by using a volt meter and measuring the amount of spark being generated by the ignition coil at its exit portal where the spark plug wires are hooked up. If there is no reading, then the wire that supplies the signal and power to the coil from the onboard computer must be checked to see if there is a signal. If there is a signal but the ignition coil is not transferring this signal out to the spark plugs, then this ignition component is faulty on your Mazda and should be replaced.

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