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Mitsubishi Ignition Coil

The electrical impulse from the Mitsubishi Ignition Coil is the power the combustion chambers use to ignite the fuel and air mixture to propel your vehicle. On older models, the ignition coil is the electrical component that feeds the distributor with power. The modern ignition system used on Mitsubishi engines has eliminated the distributor and the ignition coil has the spark plug wires directly connected to it. This has established a more precise way of delivering the exact level of power to each spark plug as compared to what was used in the past.

The ignition coil receives its electrical implies for the release of the power to the cylinders from the onboard computer. This direct control of the power running through the spark plug wires provides for a more even distribution to each of the spark plugs for an increased level of consistency when igniting the air and fuel mixture. This is one of the reasons the newer Mitsubishi engines run so smoothly.

The Mitsubishi ignition coil is one of the many electrical devices on your vehicle that in time will eventually fail. It is the nature of this type of auto part. When the coil fails to produce the spark required by the engine, it not only will not run, but will fail to start. When this occurs and no spark is found at the plug and the spark plug wires are found not to be faulty, then the next suspect in line for testing is the ignition coil. If this coil is receiving a signal from the onboard computer but not producing any spark, it has failed and in need of replacement. Once replaced the Mitsubishi engine will be restored to operational status to be used by the driver when they need to travel down the road.

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