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Volkswagen Ignition Coil

The Volkswagen Ignition Coil has taken on new responsibilities in the more efficient types of engines that are now becoming placed under the hood of this car manufacturer. No longer does the ignition coil just shooting out a constant electrical stream that is them allocated to the spark plugs by the distributor on the Volkswagen engines. The distributor has been removed from the system and the ignition coil now regulates when and how much of an electrical discharge is allocated to each combustion chamber.

To locate the Volkswagen ignition coil, the owner only has to follow the spark plug wires backwards to the coil. When there is no spark at the plugs and the wires are in working condition, it is the ignition coil that should be suspected as the failing component. This is checked by measuring the input signal from the onboard computer and the power wire coming into the coil. If there is sufficient signal and power leading to the coil but nothing going out, it has failed and will need to be replaced before the Volkswagen engine will be able to operate.

Care should be taken when the spark plug wires are removed from the coil. Just at the spark plug end, the boot on the wire will be slightly gripping the coil because of the heat in the engine compartment on your Volkswagen. If the wire is just tugged on, the end of it might become disengaged from the wire causing the need to also replace the spark plug wires.

The ignition coil is an electrical component that will not simply fade away in its performance. When it fails, there will be no spark being sent to the plugs in your engine and it must be replaced for the engine to operate again.

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