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In the course of any carmaker's evolution, mass market appeal requires adding an SUV to the lineup. Infiniti, being Nissan's luxury brand, adopted and re-badged their Pathfinder, added a variety of amenities and nice trim, and called it the QX4. The first couple of years it was produced, it was equipped with a 3.3L V6 engine and four wheel drive was standard. Over the years, several redesigns and facelifts would add new Infiniti QX4 parts like HID lamps, side airbags, rear wheel drive, premium audio, and Intelligent Cruise Control (laser sensors would adjust the throttle in order to maintain a set distance from the car in front). In 2000, the 3.3L engine was replaced with a 3.5L engine and power increased by almost 50%. By the end of its run in 2003, the Infiniti QX4 was quite an SUV. It would be replaced by the larger QX56. Fun fact: the "Q" in QX4 is in the title in reference to Infiniti's luxurious Q45, and the "X4" was added to denote its 4X4 capability.