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The Infiniti QX56 replaced the QX4, however it was in no way related to it. The QX56 was a large full-size SUV with a powerful V8 engine, standard rear wheel drive (four wheel drive is optional), and a ton of standard features like Bose audio, DVD, GPS, leather seats, and multi-zone climate control to name a few. Many of the first generation Infiniti QX56 parts are the same as the Nissan Armada, which continued the tradition of borrowing from the Nissan line to make a more luxurious Infiniti. This would not be the case after the next generation was released in 2011. Built on an all new platform, the new QX56 was longer, wider, and stronger. It was making 400hp, and could tow over 4 tons. Even more luxuries were thrown into the interior as part of the standard options package, which propelled its sales well beyond any previous Infiniti SUV. Fun fact: the first generation Infiniti QX56 was the first Infiniti built in the United States.