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GMC 150 Intake Manifold Gasket

Great cars and trucks like your 150 need great parts.

Anyone who operates a GMC knows that when it comes to maintaining their car, truck, or SUV only the highest quality replacement parts will do. Obviously, you didn't buy your 150 unless you wanted to buy horsepower and rugged design both impeccably combined into one car, truck, or SUV. Car aficionados know that strong looks is built into each GMC, and know that only the highest quality repair 150 parts will suffice when repairs are needed. The vehicle in your driveway is head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to all the vehicles in today's marketplace.

The function and purpose of Intake Manifold Gasket.

Maintaining intake vacuum and the optimal air/fuel ratio is of utmost importance for any GMC 150 driver. If you can hear a vacuum leak or see your fuel economy suffering, a replacement GMC 150 intake manifold gasket will most likely solve all the engine problems for your vehicle. Many replacement intake manifold gaskets are made of a pulp or cork composite material, rubber, or silicone. High-performance engines may have a metal or synthetic intake manifold gasket due to high heat or compression conditions.

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GMC 150 Intake Manifold Gasket, OEM: MS9498SH1
Fel-Pro Intake Manifold Gasket MS9498SH1
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GMC 150, 5.5L 5522CC 337Cu. In. V8
GMC 150, 5.7L 5687CC 347Cu. In. V8
GMC 150 Engine Intake Manifold Gasket Set, OEM: MS9257SH
Fel-Pro Engine Intake Manifold Gasket Set MS9257SH
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GMC 150, 5.3L 5310CC 324Cu. In. V8
GMC 150 Engine Intake Manifold Gasket Set, OEM: MS9334SH
Fel-Pro Engine Intake Manifold Gasket Set MS9334SH
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GMC 150, 5.3L 5272CC 322Cu. In. V8