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GMC 350-8 Intake Manifold Gasket

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The vehicle in your driveway is head and shoulders above the rest compared to all the other vehicles currently being driven today. It's not a regular occurrence that you realize that you have to buy a replacement Intake Manifold Gasket to repair your vehicle. GMC vehicle owners have become used to a certain level of reliability when driving their 350-8 around town. Obviously, you didn't buy your 350-8 unless you wanted to buy performance and great value both rolled up into one automobile.

What Intake Manifold Gasket does for your vehicle.

The health of every GMC 350-8 engine relies on delivering an even and regular supply of appropriately rationed air and fuel. If you are experiencing difficulties generating power or noticing your gas mileage dropping, a replacement GMC 350-8 intake manifold gasket will most likely solve all the engine problems for your vehicle. The original intake manifold gasket or gaskets on your vehicle are likely made of a pulp or cork composite material, rubber, or silicone. High-performance engines may have a metal or synthetic intake manifold gasket due to high heat or compression conditions.

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GMC 350-8 Intake Manifold Gasket, OEM: MS9498SH1
Fel-Pro Intake Manifold Gasket MS9498SH1
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GMC 350-8, 5.5L 5522CC 337Cu. In. V8
GMC 350-8, 5.7L 5687CC 347Cu. In. V8
GMC 350-8 Engine Intake Manifold Gasket Set, OEM: MS9257SH
Fel-Pro Engine Intake Manifold Gasket Set MS9257SH
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GMC 350-8, 5.3L 5310CC 324Cu. In. V8
GMC 350-8 Engine Intake Manifold Gasket Set, OEM: MS9334SH
Fel-Pro Engine Intake Manifold Gasket Set MS9334SH
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GMC 350-8, 5.3L 5272CC 322Cu. In. V8