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Honda Intake Manifold Gasket

A Honda intake manifold gasket set is not one of the typical items on your engine that will just wear out over time. The most important feature of this gasket is that it seals the intake to the heads of the engine so the air to fuel ratio remains unchanged before it enters the combustion chamber. The intake manifold gasket is not the older style cork material that many would recognize from the valve cover used on Honda engines. This gasket is closer in resemblance to the head gasket with both metal and cellulose material in its makeup. The reason this material is used is so the seal can be maintained under extreme conditions and the expansion the engine block will experience when it is heating up. The need for using a Honda intake manifold gasket is when the top of the engine or the heads have to be removed for one reason or another. Like all gaskets that make a seal on your Honda engine, once a component is removed a new intake manifold gasket is required when the engine is being reassembled. On some V-configured engine, the intake manifold gasket may cover both head connections with just one gasket. Because of this, if one head is removed for any reason the other side will also have to be removed for the new intake manifold gasket to be properly put into place on your Honda engine. Usually, however, two gaskets are used. It is still wise to replace them both, though. Just like with the heads where they met the block, the intake also has to be as flat as possible so the best possible seal can be made between the two engine components. If this is not checked your Honda engine might have to be disassembled and parts sent to a machine shop where they can be made flat again.

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